Photographs of Clearfield Kentucky

The first photo shows the sun breaking through the clouds shining light on the little village of Clearfield. Middle row left is a postcard showing the old railroad bridge over Triplett Creek that connected Clearfield with Morehead via the Morehead and North Fork Railroad. This bridge was torn down after the railroad was abandoned. Middle row right is a recent photographs of the old headquarters building of the Morehead and North Fork Railroad. When one ponders all the ideas now floated to attract visitors to the area, one wonders how the great thinkers let this site get away. It had all the making of a wonderful place to preserve a unique part of the county's history. A great building for a museum, a railroad and related buildings. One can imagine the great things that could have been done here. Now all is in decay through neglect.

Third row left is the old Clearfield Lumber Company which was located on the site of the Lee Clay Products Company. In 1905 the Clearfield Lumber Company, a Pennsylvania Corporation, built a saw mill at Clearfield, and was the principle force in exhausting the last supply of virgin timber in the county. It operated for 17 years until 1922, and employed approximately 300 men (Rowan County News 1956:72). The Clearfield Lumber owned the Morehead and North Fork Railroad and the 25 mile line from Morehead to Redwine. The North Fork Railroad was abandoned in 1933.

The photograph on the third row right is the old Clearfield School. This school was closed at the end of the 1952-53 academic year. The following year, the "new" elementary school was opened.

The bottom row is a photograph of the Lee Clay Products Company truck drivers taken in the early 1950's.

Lee Clay Truck Drivers in the early 1950's.

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